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Welcome to your only stop for real estate on the internet, Kelly Right's exclusive Seattle real estate for sale. Kelly Right Real Estate of Seattle is an innovative and rapidly growing real estate company designed to benefit our real estate professionals and their clients, YOU. We do this by providing exceptional services combined with emerging technology no other real estate company in America can or will offer. We boast some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry. We simply pay our professionals more than our competition and thus, attract more experienced real estate professionals. Our agents are generally more motivated and their desire to assist our clients shows through at every part of the real estate transaction. When searching for a Seattle real estate company choose an agent from Kelly RIght, we are Seattle's only 100% Real Estate Brokerage

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Unlocking Financial Freedom in Affordable Washington State Destinations

As retirement approaches, many individuals residing in affluent areas of Washington State are embracing a strategic relocation strategy to maximize their financial advantage in retirement.

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"Community by Community: A Detailed Look at Our Area's 98125 Zip Codes Real Estate Trends"

Local Real Estate Market Overview: For Seattle” 98125 Zip CodeCedar Park:July: 6 homes sold, with an average sale price of $1.53M, showcasing high demand.August: 2 homes sold, average sale

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The Historical Context of Multigenerational Living in the United States

While multigenerational living may seem like a novel trend in the United States today, it has deep roots in various parts of the world and was once commonplace in the country before the 20th.

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Multigenerational & Accessory Dwelling Units Primer (E-Book)

DOWNLOAD FREE MULTIGENERATIONAL & ACCESSORY DWELLING INFORMATIONAL BOOKLETMulti-generational living offers benefits that go well beyond financial savings. Sharing a home with multiple

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