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August 2022 - Time to Recalibrate Real Estate Expectations in Washington State?

  Brokers say all parties in housing transactions need to recalibrate during shifting marketPartial data from NWMLS Latest Press Release - July 2022 Statistical DataKIRKLAND, Washington (August

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Should I Sell My House Right Now? When to Hang On

 Many Washington homeowners reached a point where they decided they wanted to sell their place a little too far behind the curve.  With the rise of interest rates, homeowners in Washington

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The Most Common Mistakes First-Time Sellers Make

Even though many people are focused on some of the most common mistakes that first-time home buyers make, there are also a lot of mistakes that first-time sellers make. Your house is an investment,

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Why Go To Open Houses Even If You Don't Want To Move?

New Construction in Juanita with ADU[/caption]If you take a drive around your neighborhood, there is a high chance that you will see a bunch of houses for sale. All of a sudden, you feel a bit of

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